Painting persimmons

I’d never seen a persimmon before I moved to San Francisco. The first one I encountered, in a CSA box, was a total mystery. Eventually, I learned — slice them super thin, like potato chip-thin. Or roast them like tiny squashes, and eat them like cobbler.

I’d intended to paint pomegranates this season, but they just never spoke to me. It might be something about their lumpiness that made them unsatisfying to paint. Maybe next year I’ll try again. For now, it’s all persimmons.

painting of a persimmon

Last season: avocados.

Summer Vacation, Part II: New England Roadtrip

In this episode our travelers journey from NYC to coastal Maine.

Old friends in Portland. Toddler rain boots. Lighthouses. Lobster roll #1.

We drove up the coast and detoured slightly for lobster roll #2. Many subsequent lobster rolls followed.

Then three days on Monhegan Island without electricity or cars. Oil lamps, painting, miles of hiking. Lots of haddock. A lecture on bats. Learning about lobstering. A TARDIS chicken coop.

Lobster Cove

Then back home, with a stop in bucolic Harvard, MA. Breakfast and hiking and lunch with old friends. Then car, subway, plane, home to SF. (With a few days in NYC in there.)

Pond in Harvard, MA