5700 miles in two minutes

Over the course of two summer road trips we meandered across 19 states and 2 provinces: San Diego to NYC (2014) and NYC to Halifax (2015). Along the way I recorded tiny video snippets to capture the shifting landscape.

These snippets weren’t necessarily the most exciting, beautiful, or impactful experiences of these journeys — they were just moments in time when I happened to think to record video. Sometimes I recorded because the rhythm of shapes by was pleasing; sometimes because a thunderstorm seemed noteworthy; sometimes because we were crossing a threshold, such as the Mississippi or the border crossing between Maine and New Brunswick.

I pulled many of these snippets together into a compilation video, which somehow captures the felt experience of what the drives were really like more fully than something snazzier might have.

Watching America from Juliette Melton on Vimeo.

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